Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wax Waxes On About LifeWay's Calvinist-Inspired Curriculum

In a Baptist Press article, Trevin Wax waxed on about the new curriculum from LifeWay, saying "This is more than curriculum."

Truer words were never spoken. Given that modern Reformed Calvinists have followed the lead from Tom Ascol and the Founders in deceiving churches, I'm sure LifeWay's new Bible study will be much, much more than mere curriculum.

This new LifeWay study will be "for children, students and adults." Remember, dear readers, that for years Tom Ascol and the Flounders has advocated the use of literature in the takeover of churches. In their takeover manual, they state:
Use sound literature, not indiscriminately, but wisely. Set up a book table in your church. Start with little things at first, that is, pamphlets and books with some doctrinal and experiential substance. Some possibilities are John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, Martyn Lloyd Jones’s Studies in the Sermon on the Mount, Joseph Alleine’s A Sure Guide to Heaven, Horatius Bonar’s Words to Winners of Souls, and J. I. Packer’s Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God.
Now, of course, Calvinists can just go to LifeWay for literature when they want to takeover a church.

The Founder's takeover manual cautions against being open and honest about the intention to "reform" a church. They say,
Avoid terms such as Calvinism, reformed, doctrines of grace, particular redemption, etc. Most people will not know what you are talking about. Many that do will become inflamed against you.
LifeWay, did you think no one would notice?


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

LifeWay's Calvinist Deception Gets Noticed

Never fear dear readers. The Calvinist Flyswatter is still on the job. On January 11, we alerted Southern Baptists to LifeWay's new Calvinist-influenced literature. Not that it was a secret. Eddie Stetzer openly wrote about it on his blog weeks before. The Baptist Press also reported on it.

But leave it to The Flyswatter to tell the rest of the story, namely that nearly ever person on Eddie's "Advisory Board" was an extreme born-again-before-faith Calvinist.

A little over a week after our Flyswatter article the blog SBC Issues suggested that the literature "needs to be marked as a Reformed, Calvinist Project." Then yesterday Peter Lumpkins released a blockbuster new article, "Lifeway Resources pushes Calvinism in latest Bible study curriculum." Peter has extensive information on exactly who is overseeing this fiasco.

LifeWay has to be aware of the deceptive tactics that SBC extreme Calvinists use to push their radical born-again-before-faith heresy. Tom Ascol's Founder's Ministries, for example, has long advised Calvinist pastors to take over non-Calvinist churches. As part of the "take over plan," the pastors are advised to "avoid terms such as Calvinism, reformed, doctrines of grace, particular redemption, etc." I wonder if the same tactics apply to LifeWay's new literature?

I won't rehash in this article the churches that have been split because of the influence of Tom Ascol and Founders Ministries (yes, they actually call it a ministry). It's time for Southern Baptists to call LifeWay to account. Shame on you, LifeWay!


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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Calvinism At LifeWay - New Curriculum Alert!

Eddie Stetzer recently wrote about a "new gospel-centered, Calvinist-driven theologically-driven curriculum I am helping develop here at LifeWay."

Eddie's "Advisory Council" on the project includes "D.A. Carson, Matt Chandler, James MacDonald, J.D. Greear, Eric Mason, Juan Sanchez, Collin Hansen, Kimberly Thornbury, Joe Thorn, Danny Akin, and Jay Noh."

What a motley "regeneration before faith" crew!

D.A. Carson? Give me a break, the guy is not even Southern Baptist!

Joe "Preach The Gospel To Myself 'Cause I Sure Ain't Preaching It To The Lost" Thorn? What? Next time you see Joe, ask him what he knows about church splitting planting. Would love to write more about Joey. Maybe in a later blog.

Collin "Timmey Brister is the next Martin Luther" Hansen, author of the infamous Young, Restless, Reformed screed. Collin is advising LifeWay? Now I've seen it all.

Kimberly Thornbury? Had to Google this one. Turns out she's the wife of Calvinist Professor Greg Thornbury at the Tennessee Baptist Convention's Union University. Greg was Union's "first dean of the School of Christian Studies" at the ripe old age of 35. Most recently, Greg gave his wholehearted endorsement to The Flounders Calvinist-only church planting network. Next time you run into Greg, ask him about what happened over his inviting so many Presbyterian and Calvinist speakers at Union's chapel. Then duck.

Then there's Danny Akin. After reading his theology text, I don't believe Danny is quite all the way regeneration-before-faith like some others on Eddie's advisory board. Danny, however, does know the way the SBC wind is blowing. He doesn't mind at all cozying up to Tom Ascol or sprinkling compliments on Mark Driscoll.

The only thing that surprises me is that Jared "Exodus 22:18 is a lie!" Moore is not on the list. Isn't Jared a big time author now? I guess the Calvinist pro-witchcraft position sorta cuts you out of some opportunities. For now at least.

First Southern Seminary. Then Southeastern. Then NAMB. Now LifeWay.

God help us.


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