Friday, September 30, 2011

New Twitter from Tom Ascol?

No! It can't be!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Founders Ministries and Church Planting - Say What?!?

Some time ago, Brother Bob Ross published an insightful article on the latest hot air from The Flounders regarding church planting.

For years, the strategy of many of their followers seemed to be to sneak an extreme Calvinist pastor into an unsuspecting non-Calvinist church, split the church, and then declare the split to be a "new church plant." Naturally, the new church would soon die on the vine and the extreme Calvinist pastor would be back into the "church planting" business.

That worked for a while. Now many churches have wised up. Search committees are asking more probing questions of pastor candidates and weeding out the Flounder-friendly men. So what is a Flounder pastor or Southern seminary student to do if no Southern Baptist church will call him?

The Flounders, and you have to give Tom Ascol points for creativity here, hit on the answer. Plant new churches! Not Southern Baptist churches, mind you, but Reformed, extreme Calvinist, Flounder-friendly churches disguised as Southern Baptist churches.

All they need now is to get a friendly president at the North American Mission Board to help fund some of these church plants. Oh, wait -- they got that.

NAMB needs a name change which reflects its new mission - a job corp for Southern and Southeastern seminary students and out of work Flounders followers.


Catching Up

By necessity, the past few years I fell behind as to what was going on in the Baptist blogosphere. I have a lot of catching up to do and don't really know where to begin.

Sharing Jesus with people who have never heard of Him is certainly more rewarding than blogging or reading blogs. There are people groups around the world who have never heard of Jesus. I pray that He might use us to reach the lost for Him!

However, my absence from this blog has only intensified my belief that The Flounders and their floundering followers is a dangerous movement in Southern Baptist life. Their influence has destroyed and split more churches than anything in recent memory. I also still believe that Southern Seminary under Dr. Al Mohler has greatly contributed to our decline in baptisms. Their extreme Calvinist theology is growing, not diminishing, among pastors. For the most part, these pastors are not evangelistic in any sense except in their own deceived minds.

God bless Bob Ross. I may never get around to reading all of his posts over the past few years but I know he has continued to sound the alarm. God bless bloggers such as Peter Lumpkins. I read some of Peter's old posts the past few weeks and he has given James White and the Founders fits!

The Calvinist Flyswatter may still have work to do. Pray for us.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Welcome back, Charles!

I am happy to learn you are alive and well, Charles, and hope all is well with you, wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Looking forward to your blogs. It might be of interest to some of us if you gave an account of yourself the past few years of your being AWOL from the Flyswatter.

God Bless You!
Bob L. Ross

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I'm back

A long time ago, a guy who had a blog neglected to keep secure backup copies of his passwords. The guy had a data crash and then took a trip to a far away land where he was able to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Upon returning from the far away land, the guy asked someone smarter than him to help retrieve files from the crashed data drive. The smart guy was not only able to retrieve files but also passwords.

I'm back! What have I missed? The Flounders seem as confused as ever. I hope to continue some blogging but it may be slim pickings for a while. Now where did I put that flyswatter?

Also to Brother Bob Ross: Thank you and bless you!


P.S. Pray for our brothers and sisters at the IMB! They are doing a great work.