Friday, May 02, 2008

Brister bristling . . . again


Timmy Brister, the new boy in town (Cape Coral, FL), is once again kicking up dust -- this time, explaining why he opposes the Resolution of Malcolm Yarnell and Bart Barber on church membership integrity.

What makes Timmy's bristling rather ridiculous is that he, like his boss, Tom Ascol, is one of the biggest promoters of pedobaptists in the blogosphere. The pedobaptists get the vast majority of their members through the baptism of UNREGENERATE BABIES, yet Brister extols the pedobaptist literature published by the pedobaptist Banner of Truth as much or more than any other "Baptist" source on the Internet.

Timmy is obviously obsessed with complaining about the SBC's numerical reports about SBC church membership, but what has he said about the church membership numbers of his pedobaptist heroes? Does he think that all of those pedobaptist babies who are baptized and added to the church role are indeed "regenerated"?

Brister is now on the staff of the headquarters church of the Flounders Co., and the Flounders Co. is known to hold the pedos in very high esteem. They promote the Banner of Truth version of Reformed "ordo salutis" theology which is presented in the BoT volume on systematic theology by Louis Berkhof, an advocate of the idea that babies born to pedo parents are "regenerated" in infancy. They have pedo ministers speak at Flounders' conferences, and they follow the writings of pedo Iain Murray as if he is just a bit shy of being an apostle. Murray is the one who gave them their arguments against Baptist public invitations to confess Christ as Saviour.

I suspect the real reason Brister opposes the Yarnell-Barber Resolution is that it is most likely a lead-pipe cinch to be preferred over the Resolution presented by Ascol which has already failed twice (2006, 2007).

If Brister wants "repentance" for someone's having "lost the gospel," as he claims, then that may indeed be appropriate if he is speaking for himself and the Flounders. The advocacy of the "born again before faith" heresy is a departure from the Gospel, for sure, and needs to be repented of.



At Friday, May 02, 2008 11:29:00 AM, Blogger Charles said...

I issue the same challenge to Brister that I issued to Steve Camp. Prove it. Show me some SBC churches that have "lost the gospel."

Camp said that SBC stood for "Salvation By Convenience" and that we believed that Once you have made a verbal profession of faith you are saved for eternity. If you bear fruit to that end in your life or no fruit (John 15:1-5) it really doesn't matter. Forget about the life being changed--your mere words are more than enough to "secure the deal."

I asked him to prove it -- show me one pastor or church that believed this.

Did he prove it? What do you think? When it came to proving his words, he crawled under a rock and never came out.

I say the same thing to Brister. If you think the SBC has "lost" the gospel then show me some churches or pastors that have "lost" it.

Brister needs to find where Steve Camp is hiding and join him. Both of them are "all blow and no go."


At Friday, May 02, 2008 6:10:00 PM, Blogger Bob L. Ross said...


Charles said...

I issue the same challenge to Brister that I issued to Steve Camp. Prove it. Show me some SBC churches that have "lost the gospel."

Let's see now, Charles, according the Flounders Southern Baptist churches constitute (1) an "unregenerate denomination," and (2) have allegedly "lost the gospel."

And who are the "Masters in Israel" who have the discernment so as to declare these things? Tom Ascol, Timmy Brister, Jim Eliff, etc.?

With such powers of discernment, surely they could get together and elect a Pope. What do the Roman Catholics have over the Flounders?

I, too, Charles would like for someone -- even Timmy Brister or Tom Ascol -- to "name names" when it comes to who is
"unregenerate" and who has "lost the gospel."

If they could get a little more specific as to whom they are referring, then we would know who needs to repent. Surely, they are not including the Southern Baptists who are numbered as "Flounders-Friendlies" in their sweeping condemnaton, are they?

I wonder, if one does not agree with them on the "born again before faith" doctrine, has that person "lost the gospel"?

If one does not
hold to their version of "Calvinism," has he "lost the gospel"?

At Friday, May 02, 2008 7:50:00 PM, Blogger Stephen Garrett said...

Dear Charles and Bob:

Here is the comment I just left (finally) in the Founders blog regarding this issue.

"Dear Tom and Brethren:

It seems to me that we ought to be agreed on what constitutes "regeneration" before we begin deciding who is or is not regenerated.

If a man can be regenerated before he believes, how do we know who is or is not regenerated?"


At Friday, May 02, 2008 8:54:00 PM, Blogger Bob L. Ross said...


Bob to Charles:

I think it is becoming rather clear, Charles, that Tom Ascol has made another blunder.

Remember his connection with James White, and how that affair fell flat?

Remember his scheme to bring Tom Nettles to Cape Coral, and that did not materialize?

Remember his wasting $20,000 on a Pedobaptist-dominated DVD which was sent to all the Southern Baptist pastors in Florda?

Remember his "Building Bridges" conference which resulted in a "bridge to nowhere"?

Remember his Resolutions which met a dead end street at the SBC in 2006 and 2007?

We have taken note of some of his other blunders, too, but I think his latest blunder is his hiring a novice to join his church staff.

Timmy Brister has never pastored a church, and yet he apparently thinks he is fully capable of advising the thousands of churches and pastors in the SBC about how to handle their church rolls.

Timmy's only "claim to fame," so far as I know, is his blog on the Internet, and from what I have seen there it is primarily a vehicle for Flounders' propaganda, pedobaptist Hybrid Calvinism, and Pedobaptist Banner of Truth commercials.

While this appears to be another blunder on Ascol's part, in retrospect his greatest blunder was probably when he became part of the Flounders Co. in its beginning in the 1980s, committing himself to a narrow purpose which was destined to develope into the parasitical Hybrid Calvinist sect within the SBC which it is today.


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