Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"Floundering" In Florida


Bob to Charles:

Tom Ascol of the "Flounders" is now promoting a special "project" to spread Hybrid Calvinism in Florida via a DVD.

On his blog, he is asking for only $20,000 -- not for spreading the Gospel in an effort to seek the lost "elect" souls in Florida -- but rather to spread Hybrid Calvinism to all the Southern Baptist Pastors in the Florida Baptist Convention.

Tom writes:

"I have made a special arrangement with the producers of the Amazing Grace DVD to secure and distribute copies of this tool . . . more than 4 hours of professionally produced interviews, quotes and explanations of the issues surrounding the doctrines of grace. Among those interviewed are Dr. Tom Nettles . . .
It will only cost $20,000 to get a copy of this powerful presentation into the hands of every Southern Baptist pastor in Florida".

As if Hybrid Tom Nettles is not enough, there are also five "baby regenerationist" Presbyterians, including R. C. Sproul and R. C. Sproul Jr., who are among the 12 men who are on the DVD, promoting the "born again before faith" Hybrid Calvinism.

I wonder if Tom Ascol has ever led a "special" $20,000 project in an effort to reach the lost souls in his own church's area?

Is it the case, Charles, that the "Flounders" leader is more zealous to make an effort to convert professing Christians to Hybrid Calvinism than to convert lost souls to Christ?

This appears to be consistent in spirit with the clandestine-like "reformation" idea promoted by Ernest Reisinger wherein Hybrid Calvinist preachers manage to get into churches as pastors and become more engaged in the effort to "reform" the "Arminian" membership by infiltrating the church with Hybrid Calvinism than they are engaged in evangelizing to reach the lost "elect."


At Wednesday, June 20, 2007 12:50:00 AM, Blogger Charles said...

Brother Bob, Hello!

I remember reading somewhere that mailing materials to pastors was how Reisinger "founded" The Flounders. His church paid for the mailouts, I believe.

I found it strange that they would pay thousands of dollars to convert pastors to Calvinism.

Ascol must be following in the footsteps of his founding flounder. I wish he would follow Spurgeon instead!


At Wednesday, June 20, 2007 1:42:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Bob to Charles:

A few years ago, Charles, we selected 35 sermons by Spurgeon, all of which were on the Gospel. We called it, "The Gospel According to Spurgeon." [The book is also available in Spanish].

We had the financial assistance of several contributors for this project in which as many copies as possible were donated to Seminary and Bible school graduates. Hundreds of copies went to the graduates of Southern Baptist seminaries, and hundreds went to graduates in other schools.
We believed it would be a wonderful tool to assist these young graduates to get the best possible grip on how to present the Gospel of Christ. No one did it better than Spurgeon.

Don't you think, Charles, that a better way for Tom Ascol to spend $20M would be to send this book, or Spurgeon's "The Soul Winner" book, to the Pastors in the Florida Baptist Convention?

I believe either of these two books would do more to assist pastors in their ministries in evangelizing the "elect" in Florida than the DVD, featuring Tom Nettles and the Presbyterian "Baby Regenerationists," who advocate the "born again before faith" Hybrid Calvinism.

After all, preachers are first and foremost commissioned by the Lord to "preach the Gospel," not the theological phantasmagoria of Hybrid Calvinism.

At Wednesday, June 20, 2007 7:34:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Bob to Charles:

I have one of 2-disc "Amazing Grace" videos, Charles, and in addition to the "Baby Regenerationist" Presbyterians, the Narrator and Host is Eric Holmberg of, who evidently is himself a Hybrid Calvinist on the new birth.

I went to Holmberg's website, and the "statement of faith" gives indication of his "born again before faith" Hybrid Calvinist doctrine --

". . . bringing about regeneration of the lost so as to make them willing to believe (faith). . ."

This is typical Hybrid Calvinist terminology, NOT FOUND in any historic Creed identified with Calvinist theology.

For the true Creedal view of Calvinism on Regeneration, see the following link in the Flyswatter Archives:,

At Wednesday, June 27, 2007 4:36:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Bob to Charles:

The "Flounders" are now having their "national" conference in
Owasso, Oklahoma. I have read a couple of blogs which are reporting the sermons, and they illustrate why I no longer have any interest in such "conferences." They really have very little to offer.

This Conference is featuring as its main speaker a pedobaptist "baby regenerationist" Hybrid Calvinist who -- according to the report -- let them know right away that he was not a Baptist. Then he delivered a lot of palabber about current Christianity and what's wrong with it.

Do you suppose that a man who believes that babies are qualified for baptism knows very much about what's wrong with current Christianity? If he has any perception, he should know that the baptism of babies is one of the primary heresies which accounts for so much apostasy in Protestantism.

The Flounders claims they are trying to "recover the Gospel," but they are looking in all the wrong places. They do need to recover it, but I wonder if they really know what they are looking for.


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