Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Founders Fallacy Filters Into Southern Baptists of Texas Magazine

It appears that friends of the Founders have floundered their error into the Southern Baptist Texan, a publication of the conservative pro-SBC Southern Baptists of Texas. Thanks to the grace and providence of God, Brother Bob Ross has corrected the error for Flyswatter readers.


Bob to Charles:

I think it was B. H. Carroll who said something like "Error can circle the earth before Truth gets its shoes on."

Some of the "Flounderism"/Tom Nettles error about Spurgeon has recently cropped-up in the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention's Texan magazine. The SBTC is the conservative Baptist convention in Texas, formed a few years ago when a number of churches broke with the Baptist General Convention of Texas.

In the December 18, 2006 issue of the SBTC's Texan publication, an article by correspondent Melissa Deming, circulates some misleading information derived from a Flounders' "related ministry" headed by Brother Jim Eliff.

Brother Jim is an adamant opponent of the public "invitation system" method for sinners to confess Christ as Saviour, and in his writings about Southern Baptists' being an "unregenerate denomination," Jim has misappropriated C. H. Spurgeon -- as if to get some "aid and comfort" in opposition to invitations (see Revival and the Unregenerate Church Member, pages 12, 13).

Deming, the Texan writer, refers to Eliff's website article entitled, Southern Baptists, an Unregenerate Denomination, and says:

"Eliff cites the example of C. H. Spurgeon, who led thousands to Christ without an altar call. 'His message was his invitation'" (Southern Baptist Texan, Dec. 18, 2006, page 10).

This cunningly devised representation of Spurgeon is after the order of other Flounders, such as Ernest Reisinger (Worship, pages 102-105), Tom Nettles (By His Grace and For His Glory, page 420), as well as the modern "father" of anti-invitationalism, Iain Murray (Revival and Revivalism, page 410). They all give a distorted image of Spurgeon in regard to public "appeals," "inquiry rooms," etc.

We have a more accurate representation of Spurgeon on our website at --

Recently, we also demonstrated Spurgeon's aggressive efforts to bring sinners to "decision" in the post of September 19, 2006. Here again is some of the material quoted from Spurgeon, advising his students:

Do not close a single sermon without addressing the ungodly, . . . aim distinctly at immediate conversions; . . . speak personally both with the concerned and the unconcerned, and be yourself doubly upon the watch to address individuals . . . . . In addition to this, hold numerous inquirers’ meetings, at which the addresses shall be all intended to assist the troubled and guide the perplexed, and with these intermingle fervent prayers for the individuals present, and short testimonies from recent converts and others. As an open confession of Christ is continually mentioned in connection with saving faith, it is your wisdom to make it easy for believers who are as yet following Jesus by night to come forward and avow their allegiance to him. [See Lectures to My Students, Second Series, pages 186, 187, 190].

Spurgeon said, "The Calvinism of some men is not the Calvinism of John Calvin, nor the Calvinism of the Puritans, much less the Christianity of God." (New Park Street Pulpit, Volume 5, page 368).

Likewise, the methodology proposed by some who are affiliated with the Flounders is not the evangelistic methodology practiced by Spurgeon, nor by D. L. Moody (whose methods Spurgeon approved), nor by the Evangelists whom Spurgeon sponsored and sent forth from the Tabernacle. See Evangelism at CHS' Tabernacle at --

In regard to D. L Moody's method of having sinners to stand for prayer, Spurgeon said:

Spurgeon was a great friend and promoter of D. L. MOODY. Here is what Spurgeon said about Moody's method as to "public response" --

"I believe that it is a great help in bringing people to DECISION when Mr. Moody asks those to STAND UP who wish to be prayed for. Anything that tends to separate you from the ungodly around you, is good for you. Now, if you have given yourselves to Christ, tell it out; for, after that, you cannot go back to the world, you will feel that the vows of the Lord are upon you. When Caesar landed on a certain shore, he burned his boats behind him, so that his men might know that they must conquer or perish. I advise you to do likewise; burn your boats by a clear and explicit declaration." (MTP, 1897, page 516).

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Tom Nettles Is Short Of The Mark On Georgia Baptists

Dr. Tom "Misinformation" Nettles is at it again, this time in a recent Georgia Index article.

Fortunately, Southern Baptists have Brother Bob Ross to correct Nettles' misinformation campaign.


Bob to Charles:

Speaking of "dissing" and also Al Mohler's "hiring" unqualified professors, Charles, the case of Southern Seminary's Tom Nettles's qualifications to teach continues to fester.

Obviously, Nettles is acquainted with a lot of history, but his rather crafty distortions as a means to embellish his Hybrid Calvinism continue to crop up and discredit him as an objective professor. Also, he has yet to respond to my inquiry about his inviting Hardshell Lasserre Bradley Jr. to the Seminary campus.

We also noticed in a past post how Nettles appropriated a quotation from the late Dr. F. H. Kerfoot when in fact Kerfoot did not hold to Nettles' idea of "born again before faith," but strenuously objected to that notion (See J. P. Boyce's Abstract of Systematic Theology 1899 edition, page 347.

I assume, Charles, that you have seen Nettles' article in the Georgia Christian Index at

Nettles alleges that the Georgia Baptists in past times were "Calvinists," but he fails to demonstrate that their "Calvinism" was the "Reformed" type of Hybrid Calvinism for which Nettles is a chief palabberer at Southern Seminary. In other words, Nettles failed to show that the elect are "born again before faith," which is the doctrine for which Nettles stands.

You will remember, no doubt, with what exuberance Georgia Pastor and Founders' affiliate Scott Morgan posted an article awhile back in which he elatedly claimed that a Georgia Confession of Faith upheld his Hybrid Calvinism of "born again before faith" [October 12, 2006 9:32:42 PM].

Scott said he "even called Dr. Nettles today and told him where to find it," he was so thrilled about the Confession.

Unfortunately, the Confession was AGAINST Scott's doctrine that "regeneration precedes faith" rather than teaching it.

The Georgia Confession put "effectual calling" [which incorporates the faith which is produced by the Word and Spirit, according to chapter 10 of the 1689 London Confession] BEFORE "regeneration."

The Georgia Confession was quoted by Scott at --

It reads:

6th. We believe that all those who were chosen in Christ, will be effectually called, regenerated, converted, sanctified, and supported by the spirit and power of God, so that they shall persevere in grace, and not one of them be finally lost.

In Tom Nettles' article, he did not quote this Georgia Confession. Evidently, Nettles did not see the Georgia Confession as being supportive of the "born again before faith" heresy of Hybrid Calvinism -- especially since he was aware of the Calvinist Flyswatter's refutation of Scott Morgan's misinterpretation.

Therefore, while none should deny that Georgia Baptists in past years had their share of Baptists who held the type of Creedal Calvinism expressed in the 1689 London Confession / Philadelphia Confession, neither should they think that the "Calvinism" of Tom Nettles is the Calvinism held by those Georgia Baptists. Their own Confession, quoted by Scott Morgan, reveals that they placed "effectual calling" before "regeneration."

Likewise, Dr. John L. Dagg, as quoted on the Founders' website, says that faith "precedes" in regeneration. []

DAGG: "FAITH is necessary to the Christian character; and must therefore PRECEDE REGENERATION, when this is understood in its widest sense. Even in the restricted sense, in which it denotes the beginning of the spiritual life, FAITH, in the sense in which James uses the term, may PRECEDE."

Nettles ironically includes Dr. Dagg in a short list of Calvinistic Georgia Baptists, despite the fact Dr. Dagg conflicts with Nettles' Hybrid Calvinism of "born again before faith."

Nettles apparently assumes that his readers are ignorant of Dagg's views.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Did Tom Ascol Diss James White?

In writing about a North Carolina pastor, Dr. Tom Ascol recently said, “Similarly, if I present myself as "Dr." So-in-so when in fact I have not done the formal academic study that is associated with that title, you are entitled to call me a deceiver.”

I wonder what Dr. Ascol thinks of “Dr.” James White’s credentials? Ascol is no dummy, I suspect that he knows about White’s questionable “degree.” Maybe this is his way of dissing White without actually mentioning him by name.


HT: Anonymous

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Has Al Mohler Padded His Resume?

I have criticized the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for his hiring, his guest speakers, his strange radio program, his blogging, and his overall performance.

I also have asked readers to pray for him and have quoted him favorably from time to time. I consider him a brother in Christ.

Which makes this report from Jerry Grace all the more troubling. The seminary web site says that Dr. Mohler "served as pastor and staff minister of several Southern Baptist churches." Sounds like he had some serious pastoral experience, doesn't it? Yet Dr. Mohler admitted to Jerry, "I did not serve as a full time pastor of any church prior to my election as president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1993."

Simply amazing. Does this mean that Dr. Mohler is guilty of resume padding?

At the very least, it means that the head of an institution which has for its main purpose the training of Southern Baptist pastors has never served as a full time pastor.

Southern Baptists, what say ye?