Friday, September 21, 2012

Radical Calvinist Set To Become President Of Midwestern Seminary!

The search committee of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary has nominated a radical Calvinist to become president of the seminary. The candidate, Dr. Jason K. Allen, hails directly from Southern Seminary (ground zero for the radical/hybrid/hyper/new/neo Calvinist movement in the SBC. He also has ties to Founders Ministries, a church splitting Calvinist "ministry" of which our readers are familiar.

Peter Lumpkins has done the heavy lifting on breaking this story and we urge our readers to read what he has to say and to contact the trustees of Midwestern.

Check Peter's articles,

Courting Disaster: The Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary: Part I

No answers about Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary presidential candidate Jason K. Allen's theology until after trustees vote

Comparing what we were told about Midwestern's former presidents with what we're told about Jason K. Allen

Midwestern's Presidential Search Team encouraged to abandon their policy of silence Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Trustees

The Calvinist Flyswatter urges our readers to contact Midwestern's trustees!  The Southern Baptist Convention cannot afford to have an Al Mohler clone as the head of one our our pastor training institutes.



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