Friday, May 25, 2012

Aaron Coe Responds

On Feb 17th we introduced our readers to Aaron Coe, a VP at NAMB and for all practical purposes Kevin Ezell's point man for distributing millions of dollars of NAMB funds to new church plants. We followed up with an article on April 14th about the church Aaron planted in New York City before he went to work for NAMB.

On April 25, Aaron responded in a comment and rather than leave his remarks buried in the comments section we felt we should call attention to them here.  Aaron said,
Hi Charles

Your post is very interesting. However, I wish you'd checked your facts with me.

First, I've never been affiliated with A29.

Second, in 2008 Gallery Church in NYC planted three, new, autonomous churches. To which we sent at least two dozen people to get them started. As of today,the 4 churches have an attendance of over 1200 and baptize dozens per year. Unfortunately you don't get the full picture of our work in NYC by just looking at one ACP profile.

Thanks for your prayers

To which I responded in a comment on May 3rd to Aaron,

Aaron, Hello!

What are the names of the other three churches?

We look forward to hearing from Aaron again.


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