Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ascol on gospel "recovery"


"From its inception 26 years ago, Founders Ministries has been concerned about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to see the Gospel recovered and proclaimed far and wide." -- Tom Ascol, Founders blog.

It is remarkable that Ascol makes this statement in the light of the fact that his church in Cape Coral, Florida has not established a single church during these 26 years, according to his assistant, Timmy Brister, who says:

"Beginning in September 2008, Grace Baptist Church began their new church planting vision by setting their sights on East Lee County for their first church plant. This area of 65,000 people is over 90% unchurched with a growing diversity of Latin American and African American population. Our vision is to plant a multi-ethnic, bi-lingual church that is both confessional and missional."

According to Brister's stats, there are 58,500 people in that area "unchurched." And what is Brister doing about it? I noticed on his website today that he is off on an 18 mile bike ride.

And what is Ascol doing about it? He is planning to attend another conference he calls the "CA Summit."

I just can't resist the doubt that Ascol and Brister's "paper" committal to proclaiming the gospel "far and wide" really means anything in actual practice.


At Friday, November 14, 2008 6:04:00 PM, Blogger Ian D. Elsasser said...


26 years is a long recovery process.

Let's hope this new church plant sees growth through conversions to Christ and not simply transfers from other churches. Conversion growth will be the test of whether this project is fulfilling the purpose of reaching that area for Christ.

Do you think they will follow Spurgeon by publishing the number of conversions and baptisms?


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