Saturday, September 06, 2008

Over 2900 CHS sermons on the web


When we first started reprinting C. H. Spurgeon's 63-volume sermon set, Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit, in book form in 1969, we had no idea whatsoever that there would be an "Internet" born in the future on which these sermons would eventually be made available around the world. We would have, in 1969, probably laughed off such an idea as being "wishful thinking" at best. What a great surprise was in store!

After the development of the Internet, the Lord, in His own "myterious ways" of Providence, raised up and laid it on the heart of a Brother Emmett O'Donnell to devote himself to putting the sermons on a website.

This is a completely volunteer (unpaid) effort by Brother Emmett who is physically handicapped and somewhat immobile, but he is utilizing his head and hands to do a great work. His website receives thousands of hits each month, and his reward is the joy of knowing so many thousands are accessing Spurgeon's sermons.

I don't know anyone who is doing a greater service utilizing the Internet than Brother Emmett.

Emmett has just sent me an email reporting that he has just finished Volume 51, Year 1905 of the MTP, and it is available on his website along with all previous volumes.

If you are interested in Spurgeon, go to the following link and see for yourself the more than 2,900 free Spurgeon sermons literally at your fingertips, thanks to the Lord's using Brother Emmett O'Donnell:


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