Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Scott Morgan's "Apology"


We have said nothing about it on this blog, but I received the following email in regard to the "Apology" written by Scott Morgan and published on the Flounders' blog, entitled, "Open Letter of Apology to Dr. Johnny Hunt from Pastor Scott Morgan."

A reader wrote to me as follows:

I hope this is a sign that Scott is reassessing the strident and skewed Calvinism that is afoot in his circles, seeing that one may be Calvinistic yet work agreeably with those who are not. I hope, too, that he has thought further about the type of Calvinism with which he has aligned himself and had made adjustments from a biblical standpoint. It will do him and his congregation well and will make them more effective in reaching unbelievers for Christ.

With regards,

While Scott Morgan has done the right thing, it seems to me that the Flounders are co-responsible for Scott's comments and for similar comments by others who have been influenced by the blog itself, and should do some apologizing of their own.


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