Sunday, March 04, 2007

One Year Anniversary of The Calvinist Flyswatter

Brother Bob Ross recently posted a comment which reminded me that The Calvinist Flyswatter is one year old! It's been a great year.

As Flyswatter readers know, Brother Bob has been a mainstay here for the past year. His writings on the strange origins of The Flounders and Hardshellism have helped many, and his research on hybrid Calvinism have exposed Tom Ascol, Tom Nettles, and others in the "Reformed" camp for what they are: deep water Presbyterians who oddly claim some sort of link to historic Baptists. Brother Bob has shown by meticulous research that these same historic Baptists rejected the "regeneration before faith" heresy being perpetuated by The Flounders and company. In my opinion, historic Baptists such as Charles Spurgeon would turn over in their graves if they knew how the truths they preached were being distorted.

Brother Bob, I want to thank you for sharing your research and knowledge so freely and fully with your fellow Baptists. May the Lord bless you!

Readers, there's more to come from The Calvinist Flyswatter. As they say on TV, you ain't seen nothing yet!


Bob to Charles:

The Anniversary of my first post on The Flyswatter draws near. I just wanted to "Thank You" again for your instigating your blog and for welcoming my comments.

Without your blog, it seems that little would be offered on the Internet which exposes the specific heresies of the Hybrid Calvinism of the Reformed pedobaptist camp and the Hybrid Calvinism of the Flounders and other "Reformed Baptists" with which the blog has dealt.

The Flyswatter has offered materials sufficient enough to demonstrate that the various Confessions of Faith do not advocate Hybrid Calvinism, nor do the several Baptist scholars and theologians who are often misrepresented in Hybrid Calvinist and Flounder writings. It has also demonstrated that anti-invitationism, anti-child conversion/baptism, and the "born-again-before-faith" soteriology are void of validity.

The Flyswatter has successfully responded to the animadversions of several friends and advocates (anonymous and otherwise) of Hybrid Calvinism, and they have skedaddled.

For my part, it has been a very gratifying year, knowing that the Creedal views of Biblical Truth have been both declared and defended. I consider it a result of Divine Providence that you were prompted to engage in this effort.

Thanks very much for the time and energies you have put into it. -- Bob L. Ross


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