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My eyesight continues to decline. While I have enough vision to use the computer, I want to pass along some of the descriptions in the book of Daniel in regard to the "Little Horn" [Antichrist].

There are several characteristics about the end-time Antichrist revealed in Daniel:
1. He "peaceably" obtains power in the northern area of the Middle East (Daniel 8:9; 11:25, 40).
2. He conquers "many countries" in the Middle East, some specified by name: Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia (Daniel 11:41-43; 7:24)

3. He hates the Jews and will attack and subjugate Israel (Daniel 8:11, 12; 9:27; 10:14; 11:28, 31). He even builds his "palace" in Jerusalem (11:45).
4. He employs coded language ["dark sentences," 8:23], i.e. encryption.

5. He "thinks to change times and laws" (7:25). Does this refer to the Muslim calendar and Sharia law?
6. He professes "peace" but uses forces to advance his cause (11:38).
7. He comes up from among the "ten horns" of the fourth beast which has "iron teeth" (7:7) representing the use of the sword to devour, corresponding to Muslim history in the Middle East from the seventh century on to the present time.

8. He "forecasts" his "devices," which corresponds to what is practiced by the Middle East terrorists of our time.

9. He is said to "destroy wonderfully" but "not by his own power" (8:24). Could this refer to the type of terrorist methods and weapons we have witnessed in our time?

10. He is not an idolater, for he has no regard for "any god" (idol; Daniel 11:37). This is consistent with the view that he is a Muslim.

11. He has no regard for what women desire: "no regard for the desire of women," or what women desire (Daniel; 11:37). The "desire" of women is stated in Genesis 3:16: "Her desire shall be to her husband," which simply means a monogamus marriage. The practice of polygamy (many wives) destroys monogamy (one wife, one husband). A Muslim polygamist has no regard for the desire of women to have a one woman one husband marriage.
12. He will "stand up against the Prince of princes" (8:25), which I understand to refer to the leading ruler or the most notable ruler among the rulers.

These are some but not all of the descriptions in Daniel that have to do with the Antichrist. If you wish to comment, call me at --

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-- Bob L. Ross


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