Wednesday, July 25, 2012

James White Still Brewing That "White Lightnin" Calvinism

Seems "Dr." James White is at it again from his tiny, tiny church smack dab in the middle of metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona.  Check Peter Lumpkins' new article at SBC Tomorrow.

James' influence in the Christian world went from having some respect and influence to having nearly zero once Peter started telling the truth about him.  But like a stink bug, James is always lurking in the shadows ready to dump some "regeneration before faith" nonsense on whoever is willing (pun intended) to get dumped on.

Here at the Flyswatter, James has always been a great source of humor.  He constantly goes around looking for a theological fight then runs like the wind when one comes to him! The poor man never got over his Rossophobia and I believe it has left deep emotional scars on him.

But I digress.  Check Peter's article.