Thursday, November 06, 2008

Spurgeon -- premillennial


Some of my readers may recall that I sent an email article to the mailing list on February 6, 2008 entitled "SPURGEON WAS PREMILLENNIAL, NOT POSTMILLLENNIAL" which called attention to an error in a pamphlet entitled "Four Views of the End Times" published by Rose Publishing of Torrance, California.

The Rose pamphlet erroneously listed C. H. Spurgeon in the "post-millennial" category. I contacted Rose Publishing about this, and after checking further on this matter, Rose's Editors sent us the following email. As has so often been the case, the untrustworthy sources of the error about Spurgeon's views involve Pedobaptists Iain Murray's and R. C. Sproul's writings. How many people have been misinformed about Spurgeon by the Pedobaptists!

Here is the email from Rose, received earlier in the year:

Dear Mr. Ross,

Thank you for your message and for your patience as we researched our sources for the material.

The author's reference was based primarily on Iain Murray's classic text The Puritan Hope, as well as a statement in one of R.C. Sproul's books. As such, the sources were reliable sources. That said, after working through the primary source materials referenced by Phil Johnson on, it appears that Murray and Sproul were in error.

We have decided to delete Spurgeon’s name from the postmillennialist section. It is clear from the author, as it is from our own editorial perspective, that the original decision to include him there was based on proper research of reliable sources. We work hard making sure that our content is always well researched and accurate. But we recognize that even careful and thoughtful work can have flaws, so we are grateful to our readers who feel comfortable sharing their knowledge to improve our products.

Thank you for pointing out this important detail to us. We have made the necessary arrangements to correct it. We hope we can continue to serve you in the future. We wish God's continuous blessing on you and your ministry.

Sincerely in Christ,

The Editors
Rose Publishing, Inc.
4733 Torrance Blvd. #259
Torrance, CA 90503

Now the corrected pamphlet on "Four Views of the End Times" has been published, and it bears the copyright date of 2008. The incorrect pamphlet bears the date of 2006. So if you buy the pamphlet and want the correct one, be sure the copyright date is 2008.

Rose Publishing has a wonderful and helpful list of pamphlets and charts which are of tremendous help to those who wish to study the subjects covered. We sell them in our store and recommend them to all readers.

In closing, just remember to always double-check anything coming from the Reformed Pedobaptist Hybrid Calvinist camp about C. H. Spurgeon. In many instances, it is either erroneous or may not be the complete representation of Spurgeon's views and practices.

For comments on more of Mr. Murray's errors about Spurgeon, go to this website:

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