Friday, May 02, 2008

Flounders need to repent?


If the Flounders are interested in repentance, they have no need to look beyond themselves.

I base this statement on the fact that the Flounders have been making the false claim for themselves since their origin in the 1980s, and that is, the claim that they represent Baptists and Baptist doctrine of the past. They carry pictures of well-known Baptists of history on their website, yet we have demonstrated how the Flounders do not properly represent the views of those men.

The Flounders, in reality, are more in line with the Pedobaptist theology which is Hybrid Calvinism in contrast to the theology found in the Confessions of Faith. The Flounders were spawned by Ernest Reisinger, who was a disciple of Pedobaptist Iain Murray and primarily a promoter of Pedobaptist literature published by Murray's Pedobaptist company in Great Britain.

A careful examination of the Flounders statement of purpose on their web site will reveal that there is no committal to the primary commission of preaching the Gospel to every creature, winning souls, and establishing churches. Rather, their purpose is to "reform" existing churches in the Southern Baptist Convention in accordance with their version of the "doctrines of grace" -- meaning the version of "Calvinism" held by the Reformed Pedobaptists, involving the heresy of "born again before faith."

In consequence of the pursuit of this purpose, the Flounders have become a proselytizing sect, and have nothing to show by way of winning souls and establishing churches of new converts. If they have established a single new church composed of converts made thru preaching the Gospel, I have yet to learn of it.

Therefore, perhaps more than any other "corporate" group in need of "corporate repentance," the Flounders are a leading candidate.


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