Thursday, May 01, 2008

A floundering resolution?


My Dad was from the country in West Tennessee, and those folks there used the word "peculiar" like some today might use the words "strange" and "paradoxical."

Having read much of the stuff the Flounders have posted on their web sites and blogs about the SBC, including the assessment that the SBC is an "Unregenerate Denomination," it seems rather peculiar, strange, and paradoxical that Tom Ascol should be calling on the "unregenerates" to pass a resolution of any sort that pertains to church membership "integrity."

Shouldn't Ascol rather be calling the "unregenerates" to salvation, to be followed by baptism? What good will it do for "unregenerates" to pass resolutions about church membership integrity?

Also, another paradoxical thing is that the Flounders Co. has been a consistent promoter of pedobaptist ministers and theologians who insist it is scriptural, based on their "we be Abraham's seed" doctrine, to fill their pedobaptist churches with unregenerate members via infant baptism.

How come Ascol has not called on these pedobaptists ministers and theologians to repent of their adding unregenerates to their church rolls? Instead, Ascol's Flounders Co. features pedo ministers as speakers, promotes their books, and follows their "born again before faith" heresy on the New Birth. In fact, the Flounders is perhaps the single greatest promoter of pedobaptist literature in the United States.

What Tom apparently wants to do is (1) on the one hand curry favor with pedos who practice "unregenerate church membership" from infancy, while (2) on the other hand he upbraids the "unregenerate" SBC over the number of alleged "unregenerates" on SBC church rolls.

Tom's Flounders Co. even spent $20,000 to send a pedobaptist-oriented DVD, featuring several pedobaptist mnisters, to the SBC ministers in the state of Florida, promoting the pedobaptist heresy of "born again before faith."

Perhaps when Tom makes up his mind as to "whose side he is on" he might get a better consideration for his resolution than he has thus far gotten. Perhaps there ought to be a "resolution" at the SBC for churches such as Ascol's to clean their skirts of the pedobaptist elements.


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