Sunday, May 04, 2008

Another resolution for Ascol?


I think a more appropriate Resolution for Tom Ascol of the Flounders Co. would be a Resolution to disband.

It might go something like this:

Whereas, the Flounders Co. is not an organization revealed in Scripture, but was spawned by the late Ernest Reisinger and a few of his friends, and does not serve the interests of the Gospel in winning souls to Christ;

Whereas, the Flounders Co. does not have the Great Commission of Christ as primary in its stated purpose, does not make converts and baptize them, forming the converts into chuches;

Whereas, the Flounders Co. has and is diverting the Lord's money to the expenses involved in financing Flounders' projects and merchandise which allegedly promote theological "reformation" in accord with Pedobaptist Reformed views;

Whereas, the Flounders Co. promotes itself under the false pretense that it represents Baptists of the past and their biblical views;

Whereas, the Flounders Co. gives aid, comfort, and embellishment to Pedobaptist ministers and organizations which are unbaptistic in theology and practice;

Whereas, the Flounders have promoted the Pedobaptist "born again before faith" heresy as opposed to the Confessional views of Baptists on the New Birth;

Whereas, the Flounders use illogical polemical fallacies to oppose the Baptists about altar calls, invitations, enquiry rooms, etc., even though many, if not most, of the Flounders were converted in connection with these Baptist methods of assisting in leading sinners to confess Christ as Saviour;

Whereas, the Flounders have promoted their theological views in such a manner as to create controversy, divisiveness, and even splits in churches;

Whereas, the Flounders have not engaged in evangelistic efforts to win souls, and have not planted churches other than from proselytes to Floundersism;

Whereas, the primary way whereby the Flounders have promoted their purpose is by the denigration of the theological views of others;

Whereas, the Flounders are an expression of Hybrid Calvinistic theology, as propagated by Pedobaptist sources;

Whereas, the Flounders have presumed to know who is saved and who is lost in the Southern Baptist Convention, even to the extent of publishing that the SBC is an "unregenerate denomination;"

And, whereas, there are other elements of unbaptistic and unscriptural teaching within the Flounders movement;

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Flounders Co. cease and desist as an organization, movement, ministry, and as under any other description, and,

Therefore, as head of the Flounders Co., I pray all Flounders-Friendly churches and individuals to repent of ever having been a part of this organization and its many aberrancies.

Be it so enacted, concerning which I, the undersigned, do plead and signify on the date of this Resolution's presentation.

________________________ Tom Ascol

Date: ___________________________


At Monday, May 05, 2008 9:57:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can someone say "adhom"


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