Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Founders Alert! Former Southern Professor Converted The Ole Fashioned Way

Brother Bob Ross has posted a must read comment regarding Tom Ascol and the use of public invitations.

For more information on the public invitation, commonly called the altar call, see,

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Bob to Charles:

I think you will find it interesting, Charles, to listen to Dr. Brad Waggoner's personsal testimony about his salvation, available on "Said At Southern Seminary" web site:

Dr. Waggoner is a former professor and Dean at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and now works with LifeWay Research of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Tom Ascol had called attention to this web site because the interview with Dr. Waggoner contained a portion with some comments on the matter of "Calvinism."

I was not surprised to hear Dr. Waggoner's testimony that at an early age he was saved in the same old fashioned way that most of the Calvinists and Hybrid Calvinists in the SBC made professions of salvation. He heard witnessing and preaching, responded to a PUBLIC INVITATION and was instructed in the way of salvation by a church member on this occasion -- not a "system" you'll find in Flounders' churches.

This is the same "methodology" which has been prevalent for many years in the SBC, and was used and endorsed by SBC leaders such as Boyce, Broadus, Dagg, Carroll, and others, but lacks the approval and endorsement of the Flounders Hybrid Calvinists who teach "born again before faith." Yet I could almost guarantee that 99% percent of these SBC "Calvinists" made professions of faith like Dr. Waggoner during a public invitation -- at least, based on the cases known to me personally.

The paradox is that the Hybrid Calvinists, such as the late Ernest Reisinger, Tom Ascol, Tom Nettles, and others identified with the parachurch Flounders group, oppose this type of evangelism and revival methodology. They repudiate the use of the public invitation such as was used when Dr. Waggoner was converted at age 7.

This is another case which magnifies the point we have made before, namely, that today's "Calvinists" who repudiate public invitations are more in line with the pedobaptists such as Iain Murray rather than with the "founders" among Southern Baptists of yesteryear.

I suggest, Charles, that you listen to the podcast and hear Dr. Waggoner's testimony for yourself, telling how he was saved in a manner which is now repudiated by the Flounders.


At Thursday, September 27, 2007 2:32:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One thought I had reading this is that the Founders (yes they think what they do is a ministry) ***love that**** the Founders mob actually has difficulty accepting that a 7 year old can be converted. They've cautioned against baptizing children too young and accepting false conversions of many children blah blah blah. Now I think it's definately true that if you were to do a poll among Founder's you'd find a high % who converted "the old fashioned way" but I think also you'd find lot's of them who were converted as young children, but being the chosen people they are today God has stopped saving children in the manner in which they themselves converted. Thus their spiritual and intellectual superiority in declaring invitations unbiblical and many false conversions and numbers padding of the SBC because of children.


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