Thursday, April 12, 2007

Flounders Invite Bob Ross to National Conference

Brother Bob Ross got an invitation to the National Flounders Conference and shares his thoughts with us.



Bob to Charles:

The Founders love to have lots of "conferences," Charles, which serve very well in promoting their parachurch "ministry." I received a fancy folder in the mail recently, announcing the "National Founders Conference" in Owasso, OK, June 26-29.

The "Keynote Speaker" is an "ordained Congregationalist minister," David Wells. Having a Congregationalist to speak is almost as good as having a Presbyterian! (I suppose R. C. Sproul must have had a prior committment.

Also on the program is Florida pastor, Roy Hargrave -- one of Scott Morgan's former pastors -- who opposes public invitations.

Tom Nettles, who promotes the "Born again before faith" heresy at the Louisville seminary, is also on the program. He also opposes public invitations and plays "footsies" with the Reformed baby regenerationists and Hardshell Lasserre Bradley Jr. Founders like the prestige of having Southern Seminary professors on their conferences.

It will only cost you $60 to register, Charles, if you file by June 15. Afterwards it is $75.

No meals will be provided, so bring BYO peanut butter. I will bring the crackers.

Hope to see you there, Charles. In order to preserve your anonymity, don't forget to bring a brown bag!


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