Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Revivals & Pedobaptists


Many of you may recall that we have taken note of the fact that many of the "revivals," whether of the Calvinist or Arminian variety, have been in consequence of awakenings among Pedobaptist churches to the pedo (baby)-regeneration deception.

When one considers who the persons were in these historic revivals who made professions of salvation, it is obvious that they primarily were people who had been baptized and added to the church rolls in early infancy, presumably as a "sign and seal" of regeneration in infancy.

The Wesleyan revival in England had to do primarily with pedobaptist members who had been baptized as infants in the Church of England (Episcopalian or Anglican).

The Great Awakening in America in the 18th century was also primarily among those who practiced infant baptism. Both Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield were from pedobaptist backgrounds.

The heralded Cane Ridge Revival in the early 1800's in central Kentucky was primarily among the Presbyterians, lead by Presbyterian ministers such as Barton W. Stone, one of the later leaders of the Campbellite "Christian Church."

The same was true of the revivals under Charles G. Finney in America and D. L. Moody in England and Scotland. Finney directed his message primarily to the Presbyterians in the Eastern states such as New York and Massachusetts and many of them professed faith under Finney's preaching.

Moody's preaching in Great Britain had such a harvest among pedobaptists in Scotland that a prominent Presbyerian minister, John Kennedy, said, "I look on my Church, in a spasmodic state, subject to convulsions, which only indicate that her life is departing, the result of revivals got up by men."

Kennedy said hundreds of the Scotland church's pedo ministers were cooperating with Moody in the meetings.

These are just some of the "revivals" that developed as a result of pedobaptist people and churches being awakened to the deception about their supposed "regeneration" in infancy. From time to time, in certain areas, the deceived pedos began to realize they were not really born again in infancy, and as a result many were led to Christ, and revival broke out.

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