Friday, March 07, 2008

Is Wade Burleson Starting A New Denomination?

It seems that Brother Wade Burleson has been busy of late. Just when you hoped the SBC troublemaker-in-chief was back in Oklahoma to stay, he pops up again somewhere else.

Baptist press reported that Burleson was present in Arlington, Texas for the announcement of the "Antioch Network of Churches" which will focus on "fulfilling the Great Commission without requiring conformity on 'secondary' doctrinal matters."

During the meeting, Burleson "moderated a discussion about doctrinal parameters for the network, which he said require simplicity and clarity." Wait a minute, haven't we seen this before? Hint: Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

Simplicity did seem to be the order of the day as Burleson said "the network could include paedobaptists." There was no word in the Baptist Press release if the "network" would welcome homosexual-friendly churches.

Somehow, I don't think Dr. Paige Patterson will be joining. Which would suit Brother Wade just fine.



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