Thursday, June 16, 2016

Daniel's End-Time Vision


Daniel refers to the vision of Daniel 10:1-6 as the "great vision" (10:8). The account of the vision and the angel's interpretation of the vision extend from 10:1 into the 12th chapter of the book of Daniel.

The "certain man" of the "great vision" is revealed in the Angel's interpretation to be the "vile person" (11:21), who dominates in the Tribulation period.

The fact that the vision refers to the future period of Tribulation is indicated by Daniel 10:1 ("the time appointed was long"); the Angel's words in Daniel 10:14 ("Now I am come to make thee understand what shall befall thy people in the latter days: for yet the vision is for many days;" and in Daniel 12:1:

"And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book."

This corresponds to Jeremiah 30:7, "the time of Jacob's trouble," the Tribulation period.

Bob L. Ross