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"THE DESIRE OF WOMEN"? --12/31/15

In my small 1983 book on the "Little Horn of the Book of Daniel," I set forth an interpretation of a phrase in Daniel 11:37 which I later came to regard as a misinterpretation (pages 111, 112).

The verse in Daniel 11:37 refers to the "Vile Person" (Antichrist) of 11:21 as having "no regard for the desire of women" (11:37), and I interpreted this as meaning that the Antichrist would be "homosexual." I no longer believe this is the proper meaning of "the desire of women."

Rather, I understand the phrase to refer to "what women desire." The verse specifies the desire "OF" women, not the desire "FOR" women.

The Biblical definition of the "desire" OF women is set forth in Genesis 3:16: The woman's "desire shall be to her husband," meaning that Biblical women desire a one-on-one MONOGAMOUS married relationship, not a marriage involving multiple wives or multiple husbands.

Polygamy (multiple wives) is practiced by Muslims. Polygamy eliminates Monogamy. A Polygamist has "no regard for the desire of women" for the Monogamous marriage relationship as taught in Genesis 3:16.

This appears to be another characteristic of the Antichrist -- that is, he has no regard for monogamous marriage. This does not prove he is a Muslim, but it is consistent with what Muslims practice.

 -- Bob L. Ross

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Monday, December 28, 2015



My eyesight continues to decline. While I have enough vision to use the computer, I want to pass along some of the descriptions in the book of Daniel in regard to the "Little Horn" [Antichrist].

There are several characteristics about the end-time Antichrist revealed in Daniel:
1. He "peaceably" obtains power in the northern area of the Middle East (Daniel 8:9; 11:25, 40).
2. He conquers "many countries" in the Middle East, some specified by name: Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia (Daniel 11:41-43; 7:24)

3. He hates the Jews and will attack and subjugate Israel (Daniel 8:11, 12; 9:27; 10:14; 11:28, 31). He even builds his "palace" in Jerusalem (11:45).
4. He employs coded language ["dark sentences," 8:23], i.e. encryption.

5. He "thinks to change times and laws" (7:25). Does this refer to the Muslim calendar and Sharia law?
6. He professes "peace" but uses forces to advance his cause (11:38).
7. He comes up from among the "ten horns" of the fourth beast which has "iron teeth" (7:7) representing the use of the sword to devour, corresponding to Muslim history in the Middle East from the seventh century on to the present time.

8. He "forecasts" his "devices," which corresponds to what is practiced by the Middle East terrorists of our time.

9. He is said to "destroy wonderfully" but "not by his own power" (8:24). Could this refer to the type of terrorist methods and weapons we have witnessed in our time?

10. He is not an idolater, for he has no regard for "any god" (idol; Daniel 11:37). This is consistent with the view that he is a Muslim.

11. He has no regard for what women desire: "no regard for the desire of women," or what women desire (Daniel; 11:37). The "desire" of women is stated in Genesis 3:16: "Her desire shall be to her husband," which simply means a monogamus marriage. The practice of polygamy (many wives) destroys monogamy (one wife, one husband). A Muslim polygamist has no regard for the desire of women to have a one woman one husband marriage.
12. He will "stand up against the Prince of princes" (8:25), which I understand to refer to the leading ruler or the most notable ruler among the rulers.

These are some but not all of the descriptions in Daniel that have to do with the Antichrist. If you wish to comment, call me at --

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-- Bob L. Ross

Sunday, December 27, 2015

My View about Antichrist:


Many on my email list will remember my understanding of prophecies in the book of Daniel:

My understanding is that the "Little Horn" in Daniel's visions (Daniel chapter 7:8, 24, 25; chapter 8:9, 23-25) is also called the "certain man" in another later vision (Daniel chapter 10:5, 6). He is an imposter, as the symbols identified with him are inferior to the symbols identified with Christ in Revelation 1:13-16.

This "certain man," is described by Gabriel in his interpretation of the vision as the "vile person" whose end-time destructive career is prophesied by the Angel in Daniel 11:21-45.

I understand that he is the future Antichrist or "Beast" of Revelation 13. His origin is in the Middle East, not in Europe, the United States, Russia, or elsewhere.

In 1983, I published a small book on the "Little Horn of the Book of Daniel" in which I said the following:

"His central power will be in he Middle East, not in the western Gentile kingdoms, as is so often advocated. The theory of a "restored Roman Empire," composed of European Common Market nations, has no foundation in Scripture." (page 89).

I repeated this same understanding of Daniel's visions in a later book, NOT ONE STONE, in 1993 (pages 1, 71-73), and I continue to maintain this understating of Daniel's prophetic visions.

I contend that there are several misleading ideas in a number of "study Bibles," commentaries, radio and television programs, and other sources dealing with the Book of Daniel. For instance --

The Scofield idea that the "Little Horn" of Daniel 8 is not the same as the "Little Horn" of Daniel 7, but rather refers to Antiochus Epiphanies in pre-Christian history. This theory originated with the Jews during the Old Testament period between Malachi and Matthew (See First Maccabees 1:54 in the Apocrypha). I don't find Antiochus anywhere in Daniel.

A similar idea is that the "king of the south" and the "king of the north" in Daniel 11 refer to the Ptolemies and Seleucids of Egypt and Assyria. I understand these verses to apply to the southern Arabs (Sunni) and northern Arabs (Shia) from the 7th century onward to the coming of the "vile person" in 11:21to 45

Another popular theory is that the "ten toes" of Daniel 2:43 which are "divided" and "shall not cleave one to another" are an end-time "restored Holy Roman Empire."

I understand the "ten toes" of Daniel 2:43 to represent divided Arab nations in the end-time. The word "mingle" in Daniel 2:43 is the word "Arab" (See Strong's Hebrew Dictionary, #6151). Rome is never mentioned anywhere in Daniel.

What is currently taking place in the Middle East appears to be very similar to what we read in Daniel about the "Little Horn" and his characteristics and end-time career.

Is Bible prophecy coming to pass? Of course, I do not know. My "standard" answer about the end-time is that "We are closer to the end than we were yesterday."

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-- Bob L. Ross


Thursday, December 17, 2015

By Bob L. Ross
It may simply be coincidental, but has there been a recent fulfillment of an item of Bible prophecy in Daniel 8:23?
In this vision in chapter eight, Daniel is informed that the "Little Horn" [the Antichrist of the end-time] will have understanding of "dark sentences."
"And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full , a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up."
This past week, the news media reported that the terrorists of the Middle East are using "DARK ENCRYPTION" to convey their destructive exploits. Is this what Daniel 8:23 refers to, or is it merely coincidental?
Pass this along to Jack Van Impe, Hal Lindsey, and Irving Baxter for their analysis.
-- Bob L. Ross
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