Monday, November 02, 2015


By Bob L. Ross

Daniel 11:21-35: History or Future? | Joel's Trumpet
by Joel Richardson

In his book, The Mid East Beast, Joel Richardson followed the theory on Daniel 11:21-35 which is presented in several "study Bibles," including Scofield's and those which follow the idea of two "Little Horns" (Daniel chapters 7 & 8), one of them supposedly being Antiochus Epiphanes of pre-Christian years.

This theory was evidently first imposed on Daniel and taught by the Jews in the book of First Maccabees where it is alleged that Antiochus set up the "abomination of desoltation" (1 Mac/ 1:54), thus fulfilling the prophecy of Daniel on that matter. Christ refuted this idea in Matthew 24:15, KJV.

Subsequent study on Daniel 11 has led Joel to adopt the view which is presented on his website. This view (which I have held for years) is that Daniel 11:21-35 is simply a part of the chapter from Daniel 11:21-45 which details the Middle East career of the "vile person" who is the Antichrist. Antiochus is not in the prohecy at all.

Daniel had been given a vision of this Antichrist in chapter ten where he is identified as the "certain man." Although impressively adorned, all of the symbols of that man are inferior to the symbols representing by Jesus Christ in the vision in Revelation 1. The "certain man" in Daniel 10 a certain imposter, and Gabriel explains the vision to Daniel in chapter 11 (Daniel 10:14-21, KJV)

Hopefully, Joel Richardson's change of views will inspire other students of the book of Daniel to reconsider their thinking on this passage, if they have followed the idea that Antioch us fulfills anything prophetic in this book on the endtimes.

For my own views on Daniel 11, see this short article on the Internet:

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 Bob L. Ross