Wednesday, August 08, 2012

More Proof Of The Deadness Of Reformed Calvinist Doctrine

The Calvinist Flyswatter has long warned Southern Baptist pastors about the deadness of the new/hybrid/hyper/neo/extreme Calvinist doctrine of "regeneration before faith" as taught and promoted by Southern Seminary and Founder's Ministry (yes, they actually call it a ministry). We have provided biblical and "real world" evidence of its evils.  Now Brother Peter Lumpkins has delivered a crushing blow to the Flounders and their Deformed Reformed friends who promote this hellish doctrine.

Read  "Preaching "Regeneration precedes faith" deadly for Baptists in the Mississippi Valley in the 19th century" at Peter's blog.

Plus, check Bob Ross's powerful historical analysis of the origins of the doctrine and his strong arguments against it.

Isn't it curious how Tom Ascol and his band of bloggers continue to ignore all the historical evidence found on The Flyswatter?  I wonder when Tom Nettles is going to repent of his lying to his students now that Peter has exposed Tom's historical narrative as Calvinist propaganda.  No Tom and Tom, the SBC historically was not what you have tried to make it out to be.