Saturday, December 19, 2009

Spurgeon's 59th Volume on Internet

ON THE INTERNET [12/18--2009]

From Brother Emmett O'Donnell:

December 17, 2009

Dear Ones,

Rejoice and praise God with me that in His mercy He has allowed me to complete 59 volumes of Brother Spurgeon's sermons. I would also ask you to pray that He will raise up someone to correct all the errors in this work.

Some of you have been kind enough over the years to point out errors and I have corrected them, but every time I read a sermon I have completed, I find more mistakes.

I pray for you often and covet your prayers. Ann and I wish you a blessed Christmas season and a wonderful and happy New Year.

Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to God the Father!
Not Mary. Not Moses. Not Mohammed.

JESUS CHRIST is the only way. (John 14:6).

Brother Emmett O'Donnell
Over 3,350 free C.H. Spurgeon sermons in today's language.

"Intercession is an instinct of the renewed heart. When the Believer findsthat he is safe, he must pray for his fellow men." - CHS-Volume 59, Sermon#3377

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