Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stephen Garrett Reports on Debate


By Stephen Garrett

My debate with John Gentry has concluded. I am filled with joy over the entire trip to Louisville and the visit to the campus of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The weather was perfect and the campus was picturesque. It was a privilege to stand on ground where such able men as J. P. Boyce once stood. It was "holy ground."I got to go to the J. P. Boyce library and do a little research. I hated I did not have time to spend an entire day or two there. Perhaps another debate will be arranged at the seminary and I can do my historical research.I was blessed to have my sister and father to come down from Ohio. I have not had the opportunity of seeing either since my oldest sister passed away four years ago.

I hope to do a review of the debate soon. Also, I hope that John Gentry will be making the audio of the debate available on the internet soon, as he did our recent debate on water baptism. I will let all know as soon as John informs me that he has put it on his web page. I will also be making videos of the debate available soon.

Thanks to all who prayed for this discussion.

NOTE: The debate is being published for reading on Stephen's website: