Thursday, November 16, 2006

James White and His Strange Doctorate

James White refers to himself on the home page of his website as "Dr. James White." There is a small problem with that - his doctorate is from an unaccredited correspondence school. James’ insistence on calling himself "Dr" has been the butt of jokes from Catholics, Mormons and others who have debated him in the past.

I mean, think about it - if you needed heart surgery would you want a doctor who received his MD from a correspondence school? Me neither. There is a reason that schools covet accreditation.

Here is another example of what happens when you get a degree as James did and then try and pass yourself off as a "Dr". It would have been better for James and his ministry if he had just left well enough alone. But no, he wanted the prestige of putting those two little letters in front of his name. Except in his case, the letters mean little to nothing.

James White: Color him shortcutted and shortchanged.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Dr. Al Mohler and The Homosexual

What do Southern Baptists expect from their seminary presidents? Someone who can teach men of God how to start and grow a church? If so, they are not getting it from Dr. Al Mohler, the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. Maybe because he’s never done it.

If Dr. Mohler is not teaching young men how to build a church then what is he doing with the money of Southern Baptists? Well, recently, he invited an open homosexual on his radio show for a friendly chat. Indeed, Dr. Mohler has expressed great appreciation for this man’s writings. You can read the transcript here.

Southern Baptists - what are you looking for in a seminary president? Are you pleased with Al Mohler or is it time for a change?