Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Bob Ross: Founders Foundered?

In another thread Brother Bob Ross has posted a comment, Founders Foundered. Bob says, "I think some of the Founders brethren are not being very candid about the views of some former Baptists ..."

You can read Bob's comment here.

Bob has several other comments, all worth reading, here.


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Charles said,

I wish you would take your articles on regeneration and the invitation system and put them in book form. You could title it, The Founders Floundered or Why The Founders Do not Represent the Founders of the SBC.

In due time, that may be a possibility. I will let the items be "tested" in the arena of public scrutiny and criticism for awhile in order to see if there are any serious, legitimate challenges as to their metal and merit.

I am perceived by some as "attacking the Founders," which is not the case. I have simply responded to some of things which the Founders have published in which they make claims, assertions, allegations, and even denunciations.

Each item I have written has been a response to the misinformation of one sort of the other which has been published by the Founders.

Foremost of these are (1) their theological misinformation on the new birth; (2) their misuse and misrepresentation of certain Baptists of great repute; and their vain and unfounded objections offered against public invitations.

In addition to these significant matters, they published a comment from one of their bloggers in which I was referred to as a "goofball." That did not add any embellishment to the Founders.

Personally, I have my doubts that the Founders will long endure. Every hybrid Calvinist group or sect which I have observed over the past 50 years has disintegrated from within, split into parties and splinters, and more or less retreated into the woodwork. -- Bob L. Ross


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